ceo annd fonder at SECOTO
Patience Shumbusho
Author & Conservationist Artist CEO and Founder of ECO ARTS, Owner of SECOTO
ceo and founder at SECOTO
Shumbusho' Initiative
Shumbusho Green Literacy "Books"
Shumbusho Green Literacy "Books"
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SHUMBUSHO Patience as  advocated to link young people with nature through arts and sports and literature, he has established different initiative that promoting environmental protection and sustainable tourism.

He initiated different programs for the youth and children like Children Conservation Camp-CCC, Eco Arts Initiative, Initiative for Development and Environmental Awareness (IDEA), Youth Ambassador Program Great Lakes, Green Literacy, Arts of Conservation, and the Sustainable Environmental Conservation tournament (SECOTO) which is the only mega sports event on conservation that launched in Cop28 UEA-Dubai.

Shumbusho' Initiative

Eco Arts Initiative

aims to raise the voice of youth in conservation through arts and enhance the community’s livelihood

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Sustainable environmental conservation tournament –SECOTO

This initiative launched during cop28-UAE in case to promote sports for climate and raise new talented generation in sports and arts

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Children Conservation Camp-CCC

this an annual event bring children together in conservation camps in the parks they spend five days by learning animal behaviors, cultural exchange, and planting trees.

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Teanage Mother Project

This initiative aims to supports teenager mother in community surrounding Rwanda national parks though sewing project and arts craft.

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Green Literacy

Shumbusho Patience six children’s books published, in four languages English, French, German, and Kinyarwanda these books have the object of helping the children live and interact in peace with nature as key of sustainable tourism. These books distributed in different countries as well as used to collect funds to help SHUMBUSHO to implement another initiatives regarding connect children with nature.

Gasaro Visited Akagera
Gasaro Visited Giswati
My Lovely Gorilla
Kenny And the Fruits
The Return of Lion King
Gasoro Visited Nyungwe

Event Hosted

Under the different initiative established by SHUMBUSHO Patience, the SECOTO Events is the mega project with different events on sports for climate and preforming Arts in case to raise the voice of youth in conservation ons in the World Wides 2025 the intercontinental Green cup will start and World Green Cup in 2026, the will be implemented with difference organizations in sports and environment and cultural, according the regions and hosti ng countries.

Save the Earth Sports collection

Save the Word

Saving the EarthTM  is 100% environmental friendly  sport wear collection established by Shumbusho Patience though LiDong Manafacturing company under  the SECOTO initiative as sports uniform which will be used during on sports by raising the awareness about Environmental protection in the schools public sports, Regions Eco tournaments and in the World Green Cup, it's all about raisning new sports talented.

Upcoming Event

African Green Cup
Asian green Cup
American Green Cup
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SURAmerican Green Cup